Number of Articles: 18
3. Approximate solutions of Schrodinger equation in D Dimensions with the modified Mobius square plus Hulthen potential

Volume 1, Issue 3, Spring 2021, Pages 1-15


Chibueze Paul Onyenegecha; Udoka M Ukewuihe; Solomon C Udensi; Cecily O Nwokocha; Jennifer C Okereke; Ifeanyi J Njoku; Anthony C Iloanya

7. Seismic Bearing Capacity of Strip Footings Adjacent to Slopes Using Pseudo Dynamic Approach

Volume 1, Issue 2, Winter 2021, Pages 17-41


Morteza Jiryaei Sharahi; Ali Ramazan Boroujerdi

10. Investigation of light nuclei in the cluster model by means of relativistic and non-relativistic systems

Volume 1, Issue 1, Autumn 2020, Pages 32-42


keivan Darooyi Divshali; M Morshedloo; M.R. Shojaei; M Mousavi

13. Sinc-Integral method to solve the linear Schrodinger equation

Volume 1, Issue 1, Autumn 2020, Pages 43-50


Seyed Mohammad Ali Aleomraninjad; Parisa Abbasi

15. Computational Modelling of Energy Pile Systems

Volume 1, Issue 2, Winter 2021, Pages 48-60


Fatemeh Sheshpari; Masoud Amelsakhi