Numerical solution of 3-feather rose coefficient in bivariate Schrodinger equation by rectangular FEM

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of mathematics, Qom University of Technology

2 Department of Mathematics, Roudehen Branch, Islamic Azad University of Tehran, Roudehen, Iran

3 Department of Mathematics, Qom University of Technology (QUT), Qom, Iran


In this work, we approximate a typical model form of bivariate static Schrödinger Equation by an appropriate approach based on bilinear finite element method (FEM), then we obtain the results of the PDE on a new type 3 feather rose coefficient function in a rectangular domain i. e., eigenfunctions or solutions. In fact, we search for influence of 3-feather rose and pass by a weak singularity barrier in the origin. We also obtain approximate eigenvalues and final stiffness matrix elements. This paper is accompanied by examples of the novel Schrodinger’s model.