A developed Best-Worst method to solve multi-criteria decision-making problems under intuitionistic fuzzy environments

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Management, Humanities College, Hazrat-e Masoumeh University, Qom, Iran


In real-world decision-making problems, we often face multiple criteria that should be considered in the decision process. Also, the collected data are often non-crisp and reported with a degree of hesitation. In this study, using intuitionistic fuzzy numbers that can model these non-crisp and hesitant data, we propose a simple yet effective method for solving real-world multi-criteria decision-making problems. We applied our proposed approach to the intuitionistic fuzzy Best-Worst Method, which is one of the famous techniques for solving multi-criteria decision-making problems. However, the proposed method can be easily generalized to the other multi-criteria decision-making methods in intuitionistic fuzzy environments, too. Finally, the ability of the proposed approach to solve these types of problems is shown by an illustrative example.