Aims and Scope

  • Mathematics and Computational Sciences (MCS) is an international scientific journal, published every 3 months by Qom University of Technology.
  • The aims of this journal are to illustrate and demonstrate the consistency of the solutions they have obtained in various research papers for groups of nonlinear complex evolution equations of integral order or fractional/fractal. In addition, the consistency of the solutions obtained for the complex phenomenon studied is studied. In recent years, this form of study has attracted many researchers to discover more novel properties of different phenomena in order to use these properties to enhance the efficiency of models' implementations in the fields of medicine, genetics, economics, architecture, physics, educational science, law, agriculture, chemistry and other areas.

    Potential topics included, but are not limited to:

      • Fractional classical and quantum differential equations
      • Nonlinear evolution equations with fractional or fractal derivatives
      • Existence and uniqueness solutions of fractional differential equations
      • Computational and numerical simulations for variable order differential equations
      • Applications of fractal theory in science and engineering
      • Numerical approachs as well as mathematical methods in physics and Engineering

      • Computational electronics