On ∂-partial-locally compact space

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Department of Mathematics,Technical and Vocational University(TVU), Tehran,Iran


The aim of this paper is to introduce and give preliminary investigation of ∂-partial-locally compact spaces. Locally compactness and ∂-partial-locally compactness are independent of each other. Every locally compact Hausdorff space is ∂-partial-locally compact. But the converse is not true even though it be Hausdorff. ∂-partial-locally compactness is a topological property. ∂-partial-locally compactness is not preserved by the product topology.


Main Subjects

[1] N. Bourbaki, Elements of mathematics, Contents of the General topology, Springer Verlag, Chapters 1-4, Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1995, 9-10