Applying Haar-Sinc Spectral Method for Solving time-fractional Burger Equation

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Department of Computer Engineering , Islamic Azad University, Marivan Branch, Marivan, Iran


Haar-Sinc spectral method is used for the numerical approximation of time fractional Burgers’
equations with variable and constant coefficients. The main idea in this method is using a linear discretization of time and space by combination of Haar and Sinc functions, respectively. While implementing the method, the operational matrices of the fractional integral of the fractional Haar functions are made, and by using them, an algebraic equation is obtained. Then, using the collocation method, the algebraic equation is converted into a system of equations, and after solving the system with Maple software, the numerical results of the problem is obtained.
The accuracy and speed of the proposed algorithm are tested by obtaining L, L2 error and the convergence rate.


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